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Our Story

Kindhumans was created to celebrate the good in humanity by elevating community, commerce, and world-changing causes. We call these our “Three Cs.” Together they form the heart and soul of the Kindhumans brand.

Co-founders Suzi and Justin Wilkenfeld dreamed up Kindhumans based on their journey as parents and philanthropists. Their goal? Set a good example for their children by fostering a community of kindness, making it easy for everyone to consume responsibly, and always giving back.

Welcome to our quest to create a kinder world. We’re honored to have you along for the ride.

“I don’t care if our kids are the smartest or most athletic, I just want them to be Kindhumans.”

— Suzi Wilkenfeld, Co-CEO & Co-founder


KindHumans is creating a global brand and ethical online marketplace — connecting the growing community of conscious consumers with sustainable products and nonprofit causes to better our world.


We envision a brighter future where being kind—to ourselves, to the Earth and to each other—is a top priority of people and businesses everywhere. This kindness will manifest as happier, healthier communities; greater sustainability; ethical treatment of everyone; and a cleaner planet to call home.

Our Pillars

Our Three Cs—community, commerce and causes—are at the heart of everything we do.