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Our Story

Kindhumans was created to celebrate the good in humanity by elevating community, commerce, and world-changing causes. We call these our “Three Cs.” Together they form the heart and soul of the Kindhumans brand.

Co-founders Suzi and Justin Wilkenfeld dreamed up Kindhumans based on their journey as parents and philanthropists. Their goal? Set a good example for their children by fostering a community of kindness, making it easy for everyone to consume responsibly, and always giving back.

Welcome to our quest to create a kinder world. We’re honored to have you along for the ride.

“I don’t care if our kids are the smartest or most athletic, I just want them to be Kindhumans.”

— Suzi Wilkenfeld, Co-CEO & Co-founder


Kindhumans is on a mission to unite and grow the community of kind humans around the world. We strive to cultivate kindness, promote conscious consumption and give back to causes that support kids, the planet and humanitarian aid.


We envision a brighter future where being kind—to ourselves, to the Earth and to each other—is a top priority of people and businesses everywhere. This kindness will manifest as happier, healthier communities; greater sustainability; ethical treatment of everyone; and a cleaner planet to call home.

Our Pillars

Our Three Cs—community, commerce and causes—are at the heart of everything we do.