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“I don’t care if our kids are the smartest or most athletic, I just want them to be kindhumans.”

- Suzi Wilkenfeld, President & Co-founder

Kindness can change the world!
Kindhumans is a positive movement of respect, understanding, and small conscious decisions with a big positive impact. We are building a community based on these ideals.

As citizens and consumers, we are more empowered with choice than ever before. At the same time, we have less trust in the products we consume and the companies that make them. We want to make the right choices, but in order to do that we need accurate information.

The Kindhumans movement aims to inform and simplify consumer decision. Together, through our purchasing power, we can change the status quo and demand alternatives for a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle. We are empowering the movement by focusing on four pillars.

Pillars of the movement:

Awareness: Promote a future filled with more responsible products and greater transparency about materials, ingredients, supply chain, integrity, and quality.

Sustainability: Unify and build a community of conscious consumers with the brands that share values that help sustain humanity for generations to come.

Quality of Life: Support people to live their best lives. That means health. That means well-being. That means strength. That means kindness.

Goodness: Believe that life is perfectly imperfect and strive to find and share the goodness in the people and the companies that create and provide us the content and products we consume.

“Together we can light the world with kindness!”

- Jordan Miller, Creative Director

We are building a portal for positivity.
A destination for quality, inspiring content and eco-innovative products that are ethically sourced, waste-free, recycled, up-cycled, fair trade, organic, natural, etc. – all curated and vetted by our expert team – making it easier to make educated, conscious decisions and live a kinder life.

Our vision is to celebrate people, organizations, and brands that are helping shape a better future through better products, enriching content, education, events, and good old grassroots community building.

Interested in joining the community?

You can start by:
1) Following us on Instagram @kindhumans_movement
2) Like our page, Kindhumans, on Facebook
3) Sign up for our newsletter
4) Participate in our “Kindness. Pass it on.” campaign.

“We want to help streamline the efforts for conscious consumers to more easily identify, find and purchase quality products that are good for people and good for the planet.”

- Justin Wilkenfeld, CEO & Co-founder

Kindhumans is a business.
After all, we have to make a living too and we feel the best way to make an impact is by successfully competing in the marketplace. However, before profits, we prioritize giving back and making sure the movement grows stronger every day. We aim to be truthful, transparent, real, and inspiring throughout all aspects of our business — while also having fun along the way.

Learn more about our first project here: Kindness. Pass it on.

Positive impact is integral to us.
From the get-go, we have committed 3% of sales towards social and environmental causes aligned with our values.

By uniting the positive forces in society and celebrating kindness, we can achieve meaningful impact on a wider scale. Kindhumans not only celebrates the best of humanity and the cool things that people are doing every day, but facilitates and encourages people to live their best lives and to make choices that promote, protect, and provide for the future of the planet and the success of generations yet to come. Join us!


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