Kindhumans and Nimiq


Kindhumans and Nimiq

Nimiq, a leader in next-generation crypto, is a decentralized public blockchain network which means transactions are stored as public records open for anyone to see and verify. Such transactions can also be used to immutably record additional information. By making use of the immutable, public recording property of a blockchain like Nimiq, Kindhumans chose to work with a state-of-the-art standard for cryptography-based transparency. Information recorded in such fashion can not be altered or deleted going forward, thus allowing to create an immutable reference.

Kindhumans will record the fingerprint (“hash”) of every quarterly report on the Nimiq Blockchain. Kindhumans’ transparency page will provide the links so that the public can immutably verify the authenticity of each report.


Kindhumans and Nimiq Want to Give Back

In wanting to “give back” Kindhumans’ and Nimiq’s spirits are well aligned. Since its conception, the Nimiq project has been built with the mindset of helping others through the creation of a better kind of money. In the process, the team and the project as a whole want to support efforts to create a new economy leveraging innovative fair-trade business models. Nimiq supported a proposal to bring cryptocurrencies for day-to-day transactions to communities disconnected from the global banking system, giving them the ability to transact with the world without the need for an identification document. The crypto adoption proposal describes how to empower communities in order to create businesses that provide a positive impact as well as flow of capital from outside of the community. To further manifest the spirit of “giving back”, Nimiq has immutably committed 2% of total coin supply to supporting good cause initiatives with high social or ecological impact.



Nimiq, a Greener, Faster Blockchain

Most blockchains secure their public ledger through a method that utilizes computational work. That method is a consensus algorithm called Proof-of-Work. To overcome the energy demanding Proof-of-Work, Nimiq has been researching the feasibility of a much more energy-efficient method called Proof-of-Stake. The efforts have led to the publication of Albatross, a potentially superior Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Using Albatross in the future will not only reduce the carbon footprint of the entire system, but at the same time also increase the capacity of the network in terms of transactions per second from ten to over one thousand.

Together, with Purpose

Kindhumans’ underlying mission of building a marketplace for ethical products is guided by the principle of delivering a more responsible, mindful, and holistic consumer platform. These future plans provide for room to grow together, as Nimiq works on providing the best non-custodial crypto payment experience and will prioritize projects with a greater purpose. This will equip a mindful platform with the means of accepting the most modern form of payment.

About Nimiq

Nimiq is the world’s premier browser-first blockchain designed for simplicity. Nimiq’s reason for existence is to bring the benefits of next-generation blockchain technology to the mainstream, while designing all aspects with the user in mind, making it the easiest-to-use crypto payment system native to the web. To pursue that goal while maintaining censorship resistance and decentralization, Nimiq has been built from the ground up to address and break the barriers to entry that have inhibited mass adoption:

  1. Performance & Scalability (optimized for payments, fast transactions)
  2. Accessibility & Usability (works in the browser, installation free, optimized for ease-of-use)
  3. Interoperability (conversion between crypto and fiat, compatible with other cryptocurrencies ).

With the fastest onboarding in crypto, in as little as 30 seconds you can get an account address, directly connect to the blockchain through your browser and perform your first transaction — no email, no installation, no hassle — try it here.

Nimiq is imbued with a strong philanthropic mindset and will always remain open-source and community-driven. “Nimiq” is an Inuit word for an object or force that binds things together.

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