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BLDG Active founder bridges gap between science and action sports

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BLDG Active founder bridges gap between science and action sports

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BLDG Active offers a clean, non-toxic first aid solution to athletes, with a focus on action sports and the outdoors. It was created by a trio that comes from and knows that world. We caught up with Jason Baldessari to learn more about the inspiration behind the creation of BLDG Active, their roots in outdoor and action sports, a strong connection to planet conservation, and what the future holds for them. -KH


Who are the founders of BLDG Active? Tell us about yourself. 

Justin Gardner – The brainchild behind BLDG Active and the man who brought us all together.

Jason Baldessari – The sales arm of the brand, coming from an action sports background.

Mat Robar – The mastermind behind our digital strategy and operations.


Why did you start BLDG Active?

BLDG Active was born out of a desire to build a bridge between science and action/outdoor sports.  As traveling surfers, skaters, climbers, cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, etc., we were sick of the multiple, low quality, petroleum-based and often times toxic first-aid products that we lugged on every excursion. We wanted to create a brand that brings clean and advanced technologies to action and outdoor sports athletes, but in a language they speak and by someone that embodies their same values.


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Tell us about BLDG Active? Where did the name come from?

BLDG Active is our company name, but most people just refer to us by our product line “Active Skin Repair,”  and sometimes as just “Active.” “BLDG” is an abbreviation for the word “building,” and what we set out to do was build a bridge between science and action/outdoor sports…the previous answer kind of spoiled this one☺


What makes BLDG Active different from other products?

That’s a scary question to ask a sales guy, I could go on forever…haha!  In short, the multi-functional nature of our product and its ability to be used on multiple indications, as opposed to the one product/one use approach…add on to that a big increase in efficacy and that’s what separates us in terms of functionality. In regards to characteristics our products are natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-sensitizing, and antibiotic-free – checking the boxes of the health-conscious consumer.


When starting BLDG Active why was the connection to the outdoors so important? Did this lead you to becoming a 1% for the Planet company?

My partners and I are all outdoor enthusiasts, whether it’s surfing, climbing, cycling, hiking, etc., so we very much look at the outdoors as our playground. Becoming a 1% for the Planet company was a no-brainer and a decision that was made before we even incorporated. We are of the opinion that if you love something you have a duty to protect it, especially when it cannot protect itself.


What are the ingredients on the dirty list that we have to be on the lookout for?

Products with petroleum or alcohol bases, antibiotics (unless you have an infection)…probably going to throw in the towel there, as sadly one could go on forever with this question.


Does sustainability have a role in your life and your company? If so how?

Sustainability plays a role in not just our personal lives but in our business as well, from the decisions we make on materials and packaging, to how we operate the business and the partners we choose to work with.  As both a consumer and a business, what we purchase is essentially voting with our money, and we always vote sustainable.


Can you share one of the biggest challenges you have come up against?

We not only created a category in the retail setting we targeted, but at the same time we introduced a new technology to an old and dusty category (first-aid) that has not seen innovation since the 1950s (when Neosporin was invented). I would say our biggest challenge has been expanding the category and getting people to try new things. Luckily the baseline that we are compared to is pretty low…we have had a lot of success once people use the product even once.


Can you share a moment you are most proud of? Maybe a story of how your product helped someone?

It’s kind of hard to identify any one single moment from the last few years. I would say getting our products in with the medical team for the World Surfing League (WSL) and seeing it used firsthand at the Pipe Masters. Kind of a selfish answer but I am a grom at heart and seeing something my partners and I built used on the athletes we have always admired is something I am not really sure how to put into words.


Since starting the business what is the most surprising and/or interesting thing that has happened?

I would say the overall change in myself and how I see the world. Truth be told I did not take the best care of myself when I was younger. I have learned so much about general health over the last 3 years that my life has completely changed. Everything from how I treat my injuries to my diet to my mental health.


How do you educate and inspire others?

By example! As the age old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” I have always been more influenced by the actions of others than what comes out of their mouths. I have also had a lot of help along my path and am a big believer in paying it forward with the hopes that whoever I help out does the same for someone else.


What’s in the books for 2020 for BLDG Active?

As a brand we are looking to build off of our outdoor and action sports foundation and expand into the natural grocery channel. Other then that we are just looking to keep enjoying the ride ☺


Can you share a fun fact about yourself that isn’t widely known?

I used to talk to my dog (my best friend who at 16 1/2 years young passed away last November)…it’s rather therapeutic since they can only ever agree with you.


What role does kindness play in your life? And what does it mean to you?

Kindness plays a massive role in my life as I am a firm believer in karma. Like anything else in this world, what you put in is what you should expect to get out. I choose to put in kindness.


How do you show kindness? How can we all add kindness in our daily lives?

I show kindness in lots of ways but my favorite is just by simply being polite, and that’s something that everyone can do in their daily lives.


If you could spend time with any kind human in history, who would that be and what would you do together?

I would choose Gerry Lopez and we would go surfing. I am fortunate to be friends with Gerry and even though I will be seeing him in a few months at his Big Wave Challenge event I would still choose him, he’s one of the most special humans I have ever met.


Do you have a “life lesson” or kindness quote that you can share?

Life lesson: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”


What is a message you want to spread and leave with the Kindhumans community?

 Patience is a virtue, understanding is a gift, and kindness is a choice.


Author Jason Baldessari:

Jason is originally from New Jersey and has been living in San Diego for the last 13 years. Jason is all about living a full life-surfing, skating, sliding on snow, climbing, traveling, and all round adventuring!

“Patience is a virtue, understanding is a gift, and kindness is a choice.”

– Jason Baldessari


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BLDG Active founder bridges gap between science and action sports