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Kindhumans Profile: A few kind questions with Sarah Buscho

Kindhumans Profile

Kindhumans Profile: A few kind questions with Sarah Buscho

We caught up with Sarah Buscho, founder of Earth Tu Face, as she shares how her deep appreciation and love of nature inspired her to start a plant-based 100% natural skincare line, free of toxins and synthetic compounds. We love all the products they craft and are excited to share their story! – KH


Why did you start Earth Tu Face?

I grew up running barefoot and wild in a California garden, weeding vegetables, climbing trees and making things from the plant world. The smell of the ripe berries, flowers, and leaves left a lasting impression. In 2010 Earth Tu Face was born out of my desire to create a direct connection to nature. Drawing inspiration from the circular nature of ecosystems and the healing powers of botanicals. I’m passionate about sustainable business, ensuring packaging, ingredients, and sourcing are all environmentally friendly. Earth Tu Face started from a “do no harm” place and continues to evolve. We are now four women who love creating healthful goodness for beings to enjoy.


How did you become an herbalist? 

I studied for 3 years at Berkeley Herbal Center starting in 2007. While I was in the program I was refining and playing with beauty formulations as a hobby. The creation process took on more depth and complexity. My passion for sustainable business also grew. Recently I became a natural perfumer and believe that the art of education is a beautiful lifelong pursuit. 


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Tell us about Earth Tu Face

Earth Tu Face is rooted in the philosophy that the best decisions are those that benefit both Earth and us. We believe that every product should be created with the utmost care and forethought, to consider the effects our decisions have on all things – our bodies, each other, plant populations, animal habitats, and our economy. Every ingredient we work with is hand-selected to be good for our bodies, but we also make sure the plants we use are harvested sustainably as well. We look at the life cycle of every product from how healthy ingredient populations are, how raw materials are handled to their efficacy on skin and also importantly, how they go back to the earth. We have recently expanded to formulate and small-batch manufacture botanical goodness for other brands and designers. We focus on sustainability, being conscious, and creating delicious products that work. It is entirely run by women and made in California. 


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Why is understanding ingredients and using natural ingredients so important? 

Loving the earth is an extension of loving ourselves. First off, using beautiful real plant extracts and oils is magical for the bod. They are healing substances that feed the skin on a cellular level. Additionally, natural ingredients return to the earth via our bodies or waterways easily (you can backpack with them!). We selected plant ingredients we could obtain sustainably – meaning we sourced plants that are not endangered and are produced in sustainable, ethical ways. We do not use natural ingredients that are fantastic for the skin but irresponsible for the population of that plant or damaging to the planet. For example, we do not use palm oil or its derivatives – the crop is destroying the rainforest and primate habitats. Our packaging is entirely in glass or compostable materials, minimizing the use of plastic and we are currently trying to move away from plastic pump tops altogether. 


What is the motivation and inspiration behind Earth Tu Face?

It all comes back to nature. Nature is the inspiration and guide to solutions, adaptations, and design. 


What role does sustainability have in your life and your company?

Having been brought up hiking in the woods and the mountains with my dad, leaving no trace has been ingrained in me from an early age. As a result, living smaller with less waste has always been a part of me. When I started Earth Tu Face, it was with the same outlook — that simpler was better —excess ingredients or packaging were unnecessary. I try to model the same mantra that nature teaches in my life by shopping seasonally and locally at farmer’s market, supporting other small and eco-focused brands and staying away from excess packaging.  


 How do you educate and inspire others?

Educating others has come to be a part of my everyday life these days, but it wasn’t always that way. When Earth Tu Face started, I was inspired to create things that were natural and eco-friendly, but I had to constantly explain why it was important to retailers and customers alike. Now that the global understanding has caught up with our current state of natural disaster people are more interested in making steps toward a greener lifestyle, and since I have always been geared towards a greener lifestyle, I have a platform from which to educate people and I try to keep it hopeful. I try to inspire with the impact easy little changes can make because the scale of the systemic problems can be overwhelming and paralyzing. People are brilliant and there are so many people working to find solutions. I was just reading about scientists working to transplant “super coral” to help save the reefs. On one level it is heartbreaking that we have created these predicaments, and also it is incredible that we have the brilliance to invent hard-hitting solutions. Beauty-wise, switching to natural and more eco-friendly options is a really easy and better for you switch to make. However, it will take all of us moving to a non-disposable lifestyle in every sector of life to make the difference that the earth needs from us. 


What role does kindness play in your life? And what does it mean to you?

Kindness is profound. We are all pushing our own boulder up the mountain of life and we all have our own issues and backgrounds that can make relating to one another difficult. When someone is kind, they are meeting you where you are at and seeing through all of those differences in experience. It is a way of supporting each other as if we are all related. I try to employ kindness and compassion in my daily life because we will always be stronger together than we will be when we concentrate on what divides us. 


How do you show kindness?

Really listening to understand and hear others, forgiveness, assuming the best in others in daily interactions, and empathy. I check in with my loved ones regularly and say I love you as much as possible. 


What can we do to better ourselves?

Kindness towards ourselves is a must. It sometimes feels like swimming upstream, against the redundant messages in society saying we are not enough, but exercising generosity, compassion and understanding towards myself has made me a happier and healthier person. Question assumptions. Where did this belief come from and is it true? And communication and education are key because there is so much to learn from those in vastly different situations. Lastly, reading ingredients is the key to avoid green-washing. 


What is a message you want to spread and leave with the Kindhumans community?

What is good for the earth is good for us. There is no separation between us and our environment. We are a part of the earth. The earth, not your house, is your home. We have to nurture and protect this fragile and exquisite blue home. 



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Author Profile:

Sarah was born and raised in  San Rafael, California. Sarah is always in search of a view and loves spending time by the sea and in the mountains – nature is her forever muse. From mushroom hunting to playing with natural ingredients, creating beauty is her dream job. 

“My dad has always said kindness is profound. Life is messy and at the end of the day what matters is leaving a trail of kindness and love through everything that we touch. I believe the world needs more circles, more collaborations and more nurturing. We need to be less individualized and more focused on the collective. We are all in this together and the future is watching.”


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