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Kindhumans Profile: A few kind questions with Samantha Simone

Kindhumans Profile

Kindhumans Profile: A few kind questions with Samantha Simone

Right in our backyard in sunny Encinitas, Samantha Simone opened the first low waste and refill shop,  The Nada Shop + Refillery. This cool little shop has become a favorite with our team and we are stoked to learn more!  – KH


Who is Samantha Simone? 

 I’m an entrepreneur, a creative, a daughter, a sister, a coffee enthusiast, a sunshine lover, and a sustainable savage.


What inspired you to open The Nada Shop + Refillery? Tell us about the journey to get where you are today.

The concept of the shop was born out of a few different ideas all at once. But ultimately, it was a combination of wanting to reduce my own consumption of single-use plastics and also make this lifestyle easier and more accessible for everyone.



Tell us about The Nada Shop + Refillery and the impact you hope your shop makes.

The Nada Shop is your one-stop-shop for sustainable living. We sell goods that help people live a more low-waste lifestyle and provide refills for everyday household essentials and body care items, with the mission of reducing single-use plastic consumption.

The shop has refill stations, but also many products that are consciously sourced and procured. From small-batch artisan beauty products, to organic cotton bags, to straw holders with upcycled fabric, every product has a story and a lifecycle before and after it reaches the consumer’s hands. At the shop, we strive to provide that transparency to our customers.


What role does sustainability have in your life and your company? How do you inspire other companies to adopt to more sustainable practices? 

A few years back it all started with a reusable coffee mug, which was sort of my gateway drug into sustainable living. From there, I started making small changes here and there where I could. Sustainability is a practice in my life, and I say practice because it’s never going to be perfect – there’s always room for improvement.

Obviously, I try to make the company as sustainable as possible. This includes things like working with suppliers to ship plastic-free or at least with less plastic packaging. We don’t even have a trash bin at the shop. Also, a big focus is stocking lots of eco-friendly items from other local companies and artisans, because those have a smaller footprint as well.

Since we opened, several other local businesses have started coming to the shop for their soap refills – it’s pretty inspiring to see that excitement and be able to help our coastal community reduce their single-use plastic footprint.


What is a message you want to spread and leave with the Kindhumans community?

Let’s strive to be kind to ourselves, kind to others, and kind to our planet.


What does kindness mean to you?

I see kindness as an exchange of high vibe energy. Showing it feels good. Receiving it feels good. It’s a win-win. One act of Kindness can have a domino effect, and have the potential to become an epidemic. I don’t think we realize the true power our little actions and interactions with each other have.


How do you show kindness?

 I show kindness by just being real with everyone I interact with because at the end of the day we’re all in this shit together. It can be so easy sometimes to fall into that pattern of negativity and therefore push that energy onto others. But being kind isn’t complicated, and we shouldn’t overthink it, it’s pretty simple!


Author Profile:

Samantha was born in Cleveland, and migrated to Encinitas, California by way of Chicago. Full of passions, at the top of the list for Samantha is people. Helping people, inspiring people, and equipping people with the tools they need to succeed.

“Reflecting on Kindness in our day-to-day life is interesting because I think as humans, our brains have these subconscious, preconceived notions that we aren’t immediately aware of, whether positive or negative. It’s one thing to say ‘just be kind to everyone’ and it’s another to actually practice that, but I think it all starts by being kind to ourselves.”– Samantha Simone

Next time you are in town come by the shop and say hello to Samantha!

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