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Kindhumans Profile: Roy Tuscany

Kindhumans Profile

Kindhumans Profile: Roy Tuscany

High Fives Foundation founder Roy Tuscany shares his story of dedication and passion for helping others in need. We sat down with Roy to learn more. Enjoy!

Tell us about High Fives and what inspired you to start the organization.

In 2006, I was a talented skier pursuing a life-time of skiing as a professional. On April 29th, I overshot a jump (130ft on a 100ft jump) while skiing in Mammoth; impact into the snow caused a T12 burst fracture of my vertebrae causing paralysis from the belly-button down. This was the catalyst to creating the High Fives Foundation to help others that would fall into the same shoes that I did; sustaining a life-changing injury in an outdoor sport. It is important to have an external source to provide fiscal support to those in the recovery process and getting individuals back outdoors via sport. My injury was the reason for the formation of this organization, I wanted to pay it forward for what others did for me and to be able to help the next person through the recovery process of a life-changing injury. 

Tell us about the community you have built around High Fives. How do you support the community and how do they support you? 

We call our community, an OHANA is an idea in Hawaiian culture. The word ‘Ohana’ means family in the Hawaiian language, but in a much wider sense, to include not only one’s closer relatives, but also one’s cousins, in-laws, friends, race, and other neighbors. We find that by creating an Ohana that is assembled of the athletes we support, staff, volunteers, donors, and communities we impact. As a collective group, we are able to create inclusive opportunities for those with disabilities to have as few barriers to entry and inclusion as possible. 



Describe the saying “Fun” in fundraising. 

The word FUN is a 3-letter word that brings so much excitement when said and when FUN things are happening. Why not turn the idea of FUNdraising into FUN scenarios. The MORE FUN people are having, the more “draising” you are going to accomplish. This video shows what I mean, still one of the most impressive FUNdraising events in our history.


What role has skiing and other outdoor sports played in your life in the past and what roles does it play now? 

Community. Sport and participation in sport is a byproduct of creating community. When you can participate in a sport together, with friends and family, you have the opportunity to create new relationships, conversations, and interactions. There is nothing better than participating in a sport with the ones that bring you positivity and stoke!


What are your plans for the future? 

Raise my son, Gunnar Owen Alexander Tuscany with his amazing mother and my partner in life, Alana Nichols. Catching tasty waves with friends, riding my Mountain Bike in Tahoe, and enjoying the travel that comes with my role as the CEO of the High Fives Foundation. 



How can people help spread kindness through your organization? 

That is the simplest question on this questionnaire, with the power of a HIGH FIVE. Remember, always look at the elbow when you go to give a HIGH FIVE to another person.


What is a message you want to spread and leave with the Kindhumans community?

It is so important to remember that all people are going through positive emotions and that you can ignite them with a simple high-five, it is an exchange of positivity amongst two people. 


What role does kindness play in your life? And what does it mean to you? 

I believe the motto of a great non-profit from Farmington, NX called “Hustle Kindness” – If I am going to hustle anything in life, I will always want to Hustle. By bringing Kindness first, it always leads you to a successful action. 


Name a kind human (either living or deceased) and ask yourself why are they kind? 

The kindest human I know, Spike Kane, he is the pioneer of adaptive surfing and always brings smiles/kindness to every occasion. If I am in the ocean with my GF Alana Nichols and Spike at the same time, I am in the happiest place possible and if we can catch a party-wave – then we have created a universal explosion of stoke!


How do you show kindness?

I try to show kindness through providing the outdoors to those with life-changing injuries. After sustaining a life-changing injury, I love to provide the insight of recovery through adaptive sports. It is incredible to see the community that is established from participation in sport.


 Who’s shown you kindness? And how are they kind?

One person that has always shown me kindness is my mentor, Andy Wirth – he is one of the kindest humans in the world that always wants to make the world a better place. He just cares, he shows up and always supports my crazy ideas with kind direction. 

Author Profile:

Originally from Waterbury, VT, Roy currently lives in Reno, NV. Roy’s passion is fueled around the ability to help others in need; he always wants to be seen as a beacon of hope that helps others. Prior to this year, his passions were fueled by outdoor activities, but since July his attention has shifted to a new focal point: his son, Gunnar Owen Alexander Tuscany. Roy is proud to be from Vermont, which has given him an internal hard-working mentality and the subsequent ability to accomplish tasks. It also gave him an innate addiction to maple syrup, Cabot cheese, and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream! 


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