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Kind Humans Founder Justin W.

Making it Easier to Do Good


Making it Easier to Do Good

Kindhumans Co-Founder Justin Wilkenfeld explains the “Why” behind giving.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about humans is our incredible imagination and our ability to manifest our ideas into reality. Humans accomplish spectacular, inspiring feats almost daily; yet for some reason, we do not always do a good job of taking care of ourselves, our communities, or our home planet.

In our hearts, I think humans want to do good, but the path is not always clear, or easy. The good news is that there is a growing movement happening all around us: There are millions of people out there trying to do their part to make a positive difference in the livelihood of their communities, in their own lives, or simply for the better good of the planet and all the life that depends on its resources to survive. Our local community, our national community and the global community ALL MATTER and there are lots of good people in the midst of them all. Our hope at Kindhumans is that we can provide a home for all kind humans to better connect, collaborate, create, and celebrate the positive forces at work in society.

Kindhumans is intent on building a lifestyle movement and creating a hub that celebrates this movement of kind humans that are taking action in business, charity, education and other aspects of their lives to participate in building a positive future for life on this planet. The goal is making the world better than it is today so that the generations of tomorrow can enjoy it, and each other!

Our job is to help streamline the efforts for people to identify high quality, healthy and sustainable products. Kindhumans wants our business to be fair, balanced, transparent, and ultimately designed to help consumers by making it easier to do good by doing the homework for them. We will help by curating quality products and providing information that can help customers navigate this overwhelming world of consumerism. By raising awareness about the myriad of product categories with good, sustainable options, we also challenge people to ask more questions about all the products they consume. How was it made? Where did it come from? Is it good for me? Is it good for the environment?

The world will improve when we are more aware of what we are consuming and what the impact might be on our own body, on those around us, or the environment.

Today we officially embark on a mission to build this new home for kind humans. A positive place for the community to thrive on the things they consume including the stories we tell and the content we share, the products we sell, and the causes we are able to support.

Can we make it easier to do good? We believe so. We may be just a small group of people that want to find products and brands we can trust, but we are passionate about making a positive impact. This is why a big part of our business includes giving back to causes that support sustainability, conservation, healthy living and helping those in need. Our goal is to make it easier to purchase products you can trust because they are products we trust. We also want to provide much needed financial support for various causes. If we can achieve those goals then we are on our way to making a positive impact on the world.

We are by no means perfect and don’t think anyone really ever can be, but we hope to do our part to help raise kind humans because they are the part of the future that matters most!

Kindhumans wants to celebrate the best of humanity and the cool things that people are doing every day. We want to facilitate and encourage people to live their best lives and to make choices that promote, protect, and provide for the future of the planet and the success of generations yet to come.

You may ask, where do we begin? It starts with our “Kindness. Pass It On.” campaign. The campaign celebrates kindness, kind humans and the good things they do every day. People will help raise significant funds for good causes by sending a friend a simple gift and note recognizing them as a kind human. A small cost and donation to a cause for an awesome feel good moment that has a real impact!

Now, imagine a world filled with kind humans. Imagine a world where people are more intent on cultivating the goodness in people and enjoying the wonderful playgrounds, innovations, creations, and capabilities we have been so blessed with around the globe. This world already exists! It’s a matter of perspective…and positivity. But we need this world to grow. We need more kind humans.

Let’s build this world of kind humans together. Let’s create a sustainable lifestyle and ecosystem. Let’s protect our natural playgrounds for the future. Let’s celebrate kindness.

Kindhumans unite! One team, one dream.

Yours in kindness and sincerity,

Justin Wilkenfeld
Co-Founder, Kindhumans

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Author Profile:
Justin was born and raised in sunny Southern California, calling Encinitas home for him and his family. When he isn’t hanging with the fam in the outdoors or surfing, he is helping others by promoting a better future where compassion and empathy dominate our culture. Kindness has always been an important part of Justin’s life, starting just after birth when he was adopted by his amazing parents. From a young age his parents promoted helping others by volunteering as a family at food kitchens and other places throughout his childhood.

“Being kind can really fill your cup and I am constantly inspired by people that give so much to others and our planet.”-Justin Wilkenfeld

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