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Teach kids about kindness and responsibility with this beautiful book, made using 100% wind power, responsibly-sourced paper, and soy ink. Download a few sample pages and print yourself.

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Cultivating Kindness on every page

Let's Create a Kinder World!

Why you’ll love it

The Kindhumans Coloring and Activity Book is a responsibly made and beautifully designed collaboration between Kindhumans and renowned artist Skye Walker. Loaded with inspirational quotes to inspire today’s youth and help cultivate kindness from within, the book takes kids on a journey to define kindness and ultimately discover it in themselves.

At the start, kids are greeted with a pledge of kindness, allowing them to take ownership of their desire to spread kindness. Their commitment is followed by 29 pages of super fun images to color and 10 supporting activities. Each double-sided page is able to be displayed, or cut out and passed on.

The book is responsibly made using 100% wind power, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper, and soy ink.



30 pages of designs in a sturdy softcover




Kindness tips

Paper from responsible sources (FSC-certified)

Printed with soy ink

Produced with 100% wind power


About our partner

Skye Walker is an accomplished artist, graphic designer, and muralist. Skye’s creativity was cultivated by a loving family and energized by exposure to the natural world. His parents, Morris and Lynn Walker, were musicians, entertainers, and artists. Together with Skye’s younger sister Amoris, the Walker family adventured through California, Nevada, Hawaii, Colorado, and Oregon, bringing Skye a great respect for Mother Nature and community.

As an established artist, Skye aims to share what he learned from his childhood. His art emphasizes our natural surroundings, as well as our connection to them. Learn more about Skye’s vision at



Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper

Cultivating Kindness on every page

Let's Create a Kinder World!


Paper is certified responsibly-sourced by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Printed with soy ink.

Produced with 100% wind power.

Cultivating Kindness on every page

Let's Create a Kinder World!

What to do when you’re done

When you are done coloring, the pages can be gifted to friends and family – post it, share it, pass it on!

The book is also recyclable in its entirety.



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