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Handpicked product kits — making it easier for you to be kind to yourself, the planet, and others.

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Meliora Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub
MiiR Straw Lid
Friendsheep Panda Pack Eco Dryer Balls
Friendsheep Cozy Grey Eco Dryer Balls
Friendsheep Sun is Shining Organic Essential Oil
Kind to Yourself Kit
Kind to the Planet Kit
Low Waste Starter Kit
HiBAR Maintain Shampoo Bar
HiBAR Maintain Conditioner Bar
HiBAR Moisturize Shampoo Bar
HiBAR Moisturize Conditioner Bar
HiBAR Volumize Shampoo Bar
HiBAR Volumize Conditioner Bar
LEUS Eco Wash Bag
Earth Tu Face Vanilla + Peppermint Lip Balm
Three Bluebirds Black Flora on Grey Swedish Dishcloth

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