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Kindhumans credo

Making it easier to do good

Good to yourself. Good to others. Good to the planet.

Consume consciously

Thoughtfully curated products.

Becoming kindhumans begins with the products we choose to bring into our homes, our environment, and our lives.

Welcome to the Kindhumans shop.

As the consumer landscape gets flooded with more options, more choices and constant calls to upgrade, are we really making it easier on ourselves? We vote no, and want to help you, the consumer, by creating a place where you can find eco-innovative sustainably focused products, created by brands with integrity, for the modern household.

As conscious consumers, we are called upon now more than ever to understand where our products come from, how they are made and even what their end of life may be. While the internet is an amazing place to shop and learn more about how our consumer choices affect the world around us, it can get very overwhelming quickly. Allow Kindhumans to do this work for you. We thoughtfully curate and vet every product we sell and stand behind the amazing brands and innovators who have created them.

Align for good

We seek out like-minded brands.

Profit is important for a successful business, but so is environmental health, community and giving back.

Our commitment to you.

The products we choose to place in the Kindhumans shop are:

Evaluate for the greatest environmental preservation

Sustainability is an ever-evolving conversation.

We specifically look for brands that are contributing to one or more of these initiatives:

Most of us assume that our beauty, personal care, and cleaning products are tested for safety before they land on store shelves. In truth, there are a shocking number of dangerous chemicals lurking in these products that could harm us and the planet. As consumers, it is up to us to be our own best advocates and ingredient detectives. At Kindhumans, we know this can be time consuming, so we’ve done the work for you, highlighting some of the worst offenders in our “No Thank You List”.


We stock and ship responsibly.

Like the partners we support and the customers we aim to service, we are committed to making conscious choices with how we run our lives and business. We purchase small batches of inventory from our partners to reduce waste and excess inventory.

The result may lead to a few extra days of waiting for your products, but we promise to get your purchase to you as quickly as possible. We bring transparency through the whole process, and please don’t hesitate to contact with any questions.

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Get to know us better

The "Why" behind Kindhumans.

Our founders started Kindhumans because of a deep personal belief that we can make the world a kinder place.

Making it Easier to Do Good

Kindhumans Co-Founder Justin Wilkenfeld explains the “Why” behind giving.

Making it Easier to Do Good

Raising kind humans

Kindhumans Co-Founder Suzi Wilkenfeld thinks the best gift we can give our children is teaching them to be kind.

Raising kind humans