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Cause Partner: 501cTHREE


Cause Partner: 501cTHREE


501cTHREE water box creates a better solution for the flint water crisis than single-use plastic water bottles.

The notion of service and being of service to others has long been a staple in the realms of self-development and mindfulness training. Living in a world where we are not fully aware of the impact we make, and in anticipation of more unknown disasters headed our way, Kindhumans believes in providing helping hands to those in need.



First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has been one of the reliable hubs in Flint for residents to get safe drinking water via single serve bottled water. On designated days, residents line up in their cars, sometimes for hours, to receive clean drinking water. The volunteer work carried out  by the church deacons, is physically challenging and costly. Due to the fact that Flint isn’t in the news as much as it once was, the amount of water donated has plummeted. As an added challenge, the state of Michigan ended its free water program in Flint making the church’s mission even harder to carry out, as community suffered through a prolonged water crisis.


Why the Water Box?

A more efficient and sustainable solution was needed – designed by the residents with ongoing testing and public reporting for full transparency and trust. The Water Box is the result of collaboration between the church and several groups to engineer a mobile water filtration system solution specifically tailored around the church’s current needs. Since its inception, the Water Box has distributed thousands of gallons of clean drinking water while eliminating over 60,000 of single-use plastic water bottles from the landfills.



Kindhumans is humbled and honored to serve the Flint community in addressing the recent water crisis in Michigan. We recently teamed up with our friends at 501cTHREE  to implement a second Water Box in Flint. The system has been proven to reduce heavy metals and eliminate harmful bacteria from the water. The Water Box is designed to be rugged, portable, easy to use and serviceable. The filtration process consists of four filters:


  • 5 Micron Filter: Designed to remove the largest sediments and bacteria from the water;
  • Carbon Filter: Designed to remove heavy metals such as lead. Also removes taste and smell issues;
  • 1 Micron Filter: Designed to remove smaller microbiological contaminants and additional bacteria;
  • Ultraviolet Filter: Designed to be a redundant treatment layer against all forms of microbiological materials.


Across Flint, there are other churches and nonprofits like First Trinity Baptist Church, that have been providing residents with clean drinking water in single-use plastic bottles which is both costly and unsustainable. One of these critical resources for Flint is the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village (SBEV). This organization has been donating clean drinking water via donations and also provides education, services and activities that help enrich and empower the community. The SBEV community hub is where the Kindhumans Water Box will live, delivering clean drinking water at the rate of 10 gallons per minute during hours of operation. Residents of Flint can quickly fill up jugs of all sizes.

“The SBEV community hub is where the Kindhumans Water Box will live, delivering clean drinking water at the rate of 10 gallons per minute…”

Kindhumans is proud to support 501cTHREE in its mission to bring clean drinking water to those in need. With 2 Water Boxes already hard at work, 501cTHREE has just gotten started on its commitment to raise awareness and funding to provide Flint with more of these sustainable solutions that directly impact Flint residents by providing much needed clean water efficiently. As a bonus the Water Box effort is reducing thousands, if not millions of single-use plastic bottles from landfills which is a positive for the environment.

Click here to help us provide one week of clean drinking water to a household in Flint.



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