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Cause Partner: 1% for the Planet


Cause Partner: 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet’s idea was simple: because companies profit from the earth’s resources, companies should work to sustain those resources. Inspired by the organizations that make this commitment, we created Kindhumans to celebrate these acts of kindness, which is why from the start we’ve made it a priority to partner with 1% for the Planet to help us give back. 



The mission of 1% for the Planet is to bring together doers with dollars from profitable companies to accelerate smart environmental giving. Linking together cause organizations with for-profit businesses and individuals, 1% for the Planet helps guide partnerships that increase positive impact. Committing at least 1% of annual sales, the for-profit businesses are able to give to causes financially and provide additional value through other services and marketing. Inspired by this model, Kindhumans has committed 3% of profits towards social and environmental causes that will help us create a kinder world. 



Since their inception, 1% for the Planet’s network has grown global and diverse, proving that anyone can make a difference. The 1% network consists of more than 1,800 members in over 45 countries.  They have certified more than $200 million in support to approved environmental nonprofits. Within this network, Kindhumans has partnered with Leave No Trace, National Forest Foundation, Protect Our Winter, and Changing Tides Foundation to name a few, with many more involved. Kindhumans is proud to partner with 1% for the Planet!

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